Enriching lives, Increasing Independence since 1991

Started in 2010, Hope Unleashed is a collaborative program between us and Project Hope Foundation.  In Hope Unleashed, trained dogs are used to benefit children, youth, and adults with autism. Hope Unleashed has been funded in part by the Hollingsworth Funds, Inc., and the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council.

Hope Unleashed addresses several core goals:

  • helping parents of children with autism use their own dogs to increase skills and diminish problem behaviors
  • incorporating trained dogs as integral tools in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy sessions in clinical settings;
  • improving communication, social interaction, and self-help skills by teaching youth and young adults with autism to work with dogs

 Hope Unleashed

Densensitizing Children with Autism to Dogs (length 29:09)

a 2013 Hope Unleashed production