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What Does Vested Partners Do? 

  • Breed, raise, train, and place service dogs to work in homes and in public with children with autism. Our service dogs work primarily in response to the parent's direction, not the child's.
  • Breed, raise, train, and place companion dogs to work in homes only with children who have autism. Whether the dog responds primarily to the parent or the child's direction is for the parents to decide.
  • Select and train dogs to work in clinical Animal Assisted Therapy according to a specific list of tasks given to us by the clinician purchasing the dog.
  • Train a limited number of privately-owned dogs for basic or advanced obedience and in-home companion dog work.

What Does Vested Partners NOT Do? 

  • We do not certify service dogs that come from outside our own program to work in public settings.
  • We do not work outside the immediate area of Greenville, South Carolina.
  • We do not release service dogs to any individual or family without an accompanying training contract that lasts the lifetime of the dog.
  • We do not sell, place, or release any intact (unspayed/uneutered) dogs to individuals.

I don't live in Greenville. Where can I apply for a service dog? 

We suggest you consult the geographical membership listing here:


How can I find out about the laws for service dogs in public?

If you have questions about when and where a service dog is allowed in public places, this site will probably answer your questions:

How can I get my own dog "certified?"

If are trying to get your own dog "certified" as a service animal, we recommend reading this article:



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