Can I Apply for a Service Dog? 

Unfortunately due to funding restrictions, we are not able to take any new applications at this time.

We recommend that any individual seeking a non-profit school to train a service dog consult Assistance Dogs International for a school serving his/her particular area. ADI provides a geographic index at this link:

What Does Vested Partners NOT Do? 

  • We do not certify service dogs that come from outside our own program to work in public settings.
  • We do not work outside the immediate area of Greenville, South Carolina.
  • We do not release service dogs to any individual or family without an accompanying training contract that lasts the lifetime of the dog.
  • We do not sell, place, or release any intact (unspayed/uneutered) dogs to individuals.

I don't live in Greenville. Where can I apply for a service dog? 

We suggest you consult the geographical membership listing here:

How can I find out about the laws for service dogs in public?

If you have questions about when and where a service dog is allowed in public places, this site will probably answer your questions:

How can I get my own dog "certified?"

If are trying to get your own dog "certified" as a service animal, we recommend reading this article:


Frequently Asked Questions