What kind of physical help can a mobility service dog provide?

Each individual's situation and disability is different, so all service dogs should be carefully chosen and matched: the dog's ability according to a person's need. Most often, however, dogs' tasks fall in into basic categories:

  • Fetching objects (by name or as pointed out) that are out of reach or inconvenient to grasp. This can be anything from a pen or remote control to a shoe, prosthesis, or emergency-aid button.
  • Pulling or pushing on objects out of reach or at a difficult angle for someone with limited mobility to manage (I.E.: weighted doors, awkward drawers, cartons or baskets on floor, buttons out of reach)
  • Pulling a wheelchair
  • Wearing a backpack to provide better accessibility to multiple items
  • Bracing to provide walking, balance, or transfer support

Every person needing the help of a service dog has unique and changing physical limitations. It is critical to note that Dogs for Disabled, a division of Vested Partners, commits to a lifelong training relationship to maximize value from the working team.

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