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How do service dogs help families with children affected by autism?

Dogs for Autism combines Assisting, Searching, and Alerting (ASA) to provide families a more secure and functional environment.

  • Assistance The dogs can provide logistical safety and more independence in public. A natural byproduct of this help is greatly reduced conflict between parent and child.
  • Searching  A trained dog provides an instantly-ready means to locate a child, whether in the home or outside.
  • Alerting  In a similar way to how a hearing assistance dog alerts, an ASA dog is trained to alert a parent to certain ctivities or situations.

Dogs for Autism has approached dog training with an innovative vision, believing that dogs can do a wide variety of tasks that many people have thought impossible. This willingness to try new things has opened new doors to families who thought there was no hope

Dogs for Autism Overview (length 10:00)

Dogs for Autism