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Dogs for Autism

trains SERVICE DOGS for teamwork with the caregivers of young children with autism. Dogs work primarily for the caregiver to increase the child's safety and quality of life.


Dogs for Disabled

trains SERVICE DOGS for adults with mobility impairments. Dogs assist with daily tasks related to movement, walking, fetching, and safety.


Hope Unleashed

In partnership with The Project Hope Foundation, Inc., CLINICAL THERAPY dogs work with professional trainers to enhance the communication and social skills of youth affected with autism.

Founded in 1991, Vested Partners (VP) concentrates on innovation, accountability, and flexibility to meet changing needs. Our hometown of Greenville, SC, has defied national trends by continuing to grow and thrive in the midst of national recession, and we are proud to be a part of that cutting-edge community. We are proud of our corresponding tradition of leadership and adaptability within the service dog industry.  To date, there is no program in the United States that fully duplicates all the services Vested Partners has provided to the Greater Greenville area.

We are proud of our graduates! But many more dogs are needed. YOUR help is critical to continue to grow, and to provide additional service dogs for more individuals and families. Vested Partners has arrived at its current success level--including a very high demand for additional dogs--based primarily on the value of more than 20,000 hours per year of volunteer time! But no program can manage major growth on volunteer labor alone. Vested Partners is currently seeking funding—via grants, private contributions, or subscription support by businesses—to hire a full-time Executive Director.  VP's Board of Directors is unanimously agreed on this next, critical step to continue meeting the ever-increasing demand for our dogs.

Our dogs are provided to those with disabilities at minimal cost. The only way this is possible is through the donations of those who believe the work is important.  

Up to now, we have been privileged to have support not only from hundreds of Greenville individuals, but also from groups such as Hollingsworth Funds, Inc.; The Barbara Stone Foundation; The Graham Foundation; the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council; Vocational Rehabilitation of SC and NC; Family Support Funds; The HASCII Waiver; The BMW Charity Pro-Am; Thornblade Club; Gabriel Builders, ​Dataspring, Inc; and the Clemson Panhellenic Council.The next supporter we need is YOU!  Can you help today?

10-minute overview of Dogs for Autism