Vested Partners has served the southeastern USA in varied roles since 1991. Our current goals are to support our graduate teams, advance the work of trained dogs in clinical therapy, and promote "autism-smart" skills among Search and Rescue dogs. Watch for announcements on 2019 workshops!

No new applications for assistance dogs are being accepted at this time.

Frequently-Asked Questions

I need a service dog; where can I get one?

We suggest you consult the geographical membership listing here:

How can I find out about the laws for service dogs in public?

If you have questions about when and where a service dog is allowed in public places, this site will probably answer your questions:

How can I get my own dog "certified?"

If are trying to get your own dog "certified" as a service animal, we recommend reading this article:



You can support VP graduate dogs by shopping from, choosing VP as your charity!